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Nestled in the scenic landscape of Kentfield, California, this expansive property offers a serene retreat mere steps away from the captivating trails of Marin County. Embracing the natural beauty that surrounds it, this home serves as a canvas for the homeowner's masterful gardening endeavors.

With a setting so close to my cherished trails, this project holds a special place in my heart. Just like the homeowner, I value the tranquility and beauty of this remarkable location. As her family, much like mine, experienced the ebb and flow of life, her home underwent a transformation to meet evolving needs.
Collaborating closely with her contractor, we embarked on a journey to enhance the functionality and comfort of her space. Expanding the living room and seamlessly merging two bedrooms into a larger, more versatile guest room became the cornerstone of our design. Additionally, we curated a dedicated laundry room and guest bathroom, streamlining daily routines with style and efficiency.

Adaptability is key in the evolution of a home. As the homeowner's lifestyle shifted with her children's departure for college, we ensured her residence evolved gracefully alongside her. By merging two bathrooms into one cohesive space, we optimized functionality without compromising on aesthetics.

At Laura Larkin Interiors, we believe in crafting spaces that not only reflect your style but also adapt to your ever-changing needs. Join us as we transform houses into havens, tailored to the unique journey of each homeowner.

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